Cage Disinfection


Spray type bird cage disinfection machine is a part of the transportation of live poultry in the unit.It is used for disinfection processes after cleaning the bird cage, bird cage disinfection machine is used for disinfection of poultry after cleaning, to kill the bacteria, prevent cross infection of poultry.Spray disinfection function to ensure disinfectant spray evenly to every corner of the bird cage, using slow-release disinfectant, the bird cage before leaving the disinfection machine after a period of time to play.Spray disinfection machine is made of stainless steel body, conveying system, disinfection system, the device has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, is essential for bird cage conveying line equipment.


Disinfection ability:2000 per hour


Size:3200 mm(L)×1000mm(W)×1800mm(H)

Working height:1250mm

The effective length of disinfection:1400mm

Conveying chain speed:29m/min

Pump flow:50L/H


Motor:SEW Variable frequency speed reducer

Motor power:0.55KW

Power requirements:The three-phase five wire system

Voltage requirements:三相交流380V