Belttype Bird Cage Conveyer


Belt conveyor type bird cage is one of the most important equipment in the production line of poultry.Mainly applicable to the slaughter of chickens to the delivery.It can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, it replaces the manual car transport operation, the slaughter of the necessary equipment production line for modern mechanized poultry.Also it can save a lot of manpower, provides a powerful guarantee for the user to enhance the market competitiveness.The belt conveyor is composed of a stainless steel cage frame, a driving roller, a passive roller and a special belt.In the reducer, the rotation of the motor drives the belt to complete the delivery of the bird cage.

According to the different requirements of production, can provide different configurations for customers


Nominal length:3Meters~10Meters

Belt width:600mm

Belt line speed:7.92 ~ 33.25m/min (3000 ~ 12500 / hour)

Motor power:P=1.5kw